How can one enroll in the diploma program at the National Construction Academy?

To apply for admission to the National Construction Academy, please submit your application through the online registration link, and our academy representatives will contact you after the initial selection process to guide you through the registration procedures.

What diplomas and specializations are available?

We offer a Diploma in Civil Engineering.

What is the total duration of the diploma program?

The program duration is two years.

Registration link: www.nca.edu.sa
What are the admissions requirements?
What are the needed documents required for registration?

High School Certificate and National ID + (General Abilities and Achievement results).

What is the timing of Study?

From Sunday till Thursday from 8 AM till 4 PM including the breaks for meals and prayers.

Are there any vacations for trainees?
  • Ramadan break according to the training schedule.
  • Hajj break according to the training schedule.
  • Saudi national day, on 23 of September of each year.
  • Saudi Founding Day on 22 of February of each year.
  • Between semester breaks, and End of the training year break.
Who will get the graduate certificate?

A trainee that completed and passed all courses and finished all their requirements is granted a diploma in the program he registered in.

What is the medium of instruction?

All courses and instructional materials will be delivered primarily in English.

What are the advantages of the diploma, and is it accredited?

The diploma is accredited and recognized by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, the largest government entity in the field of vocational and technical training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is the study linked to employment?

Upon signing a training contract with one of the sponsoring companies, trainees will be registered in the social insurance system from the date of signing the contract.

Is the study conducted in person or remotely?

The study is conducted in person at the National Academy Construction during the designated academic periods.

What is the approved dress code at the academy?

There is an official and standardized uniform for the National Construction Academy.

Are trainees provided with identification cards?

Each trainee at the academy is issued an identification card that includes their training number.

Is there a monthly stipend?

A monthly stipend of 2,000 Saudi Riyals (before GOSI deductions) is provided during the training period.

Is there medical insurance?

Trainees are provided with medical insurance by the sponsoring company during the training period.